Mystery Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Are you looking into writing mystery fiction? If you are, then this blog would be of help. Intense, plot-driven—mystery is very good at keeping the readers on the edge of their seats. Hence, there is a need for authors and aspiring authors who desire to write for this kind of narrative to develop unique and complex story ideas. This way, readers will have a great interest in reading the whole book.

When authors are in dire need of new story ideas to write, they opt to search for writing prompts. Writing prompts are potential topics that authors can write in a particular way. It serves as a starting point for the whole writing process. But it is more than that; writing prompts are also valuable in terms of encouraging writers in so many ways. Writing prompts can stimulate the imagination. These simple and short sentences can lead writers to craft a whole new masterpiece. One thing about writing prompts that you must remember is that you use them for inspiration. You don’t need to follow through with everything written.

Another effective way to inspire writers is by reading a book of your desired genre to write for. Many successful authors do this trick. Reading other authors’ works is great at eliciting ideas. You just need to make sure that you have the right book at hand. One of the books you must check out is The Secret of Jerry’s Pride, a mystery romance book by Jo A. Totty. Set in a small and quiet town in the South, this masterpiece follows a story of haunting events. Learn more about this thrilling and mysterious story by getting the book!

To give you some idea that you can write about, here are three mystery writing prompts or story ideas that can surely push you to write a story:

A Family On a Cabin Trip

As the family goes on a long road trip to spend hot summer days in a cabin, they finally arrive at their destination. It is located deep down in the woods. The parents loved it as it gives a chance for the kids to stay away from technology. As the day went by, the kids were preparing for a campfire just beside the cabin when they heard a rasping creaking sound from the woods. One of the children sees a shadow. It was of a man’s, he is sure of it.

A Person Waking Up In a Mysterious Town

A man wakes up dazed beside the road, and he cannot remember who he is. No cars were passing by. There was no one on the road. He walks on, hoping to find someplace until he sees a woman running on the other side. He approaches and asks, “Where am I?” The woman stopped. She has smoldering deep dark eyes with an unusual place face. She does not answer the question until he hears a car engine approaching. The driver rolled down the window, it was a man, and he had the same smoldering deep dark eyes with an unusual place face as the woman. With a harrowing smile, the woman says, “Get in.”

A Famous Movie Star Kidnapped by a Tyrant

She was promised a new movie project. As a famous artist, she was given a big contract. Little did she knew that a cruel ruler was stalking her from afar, wanting her. This ruler did everything he could to get the movie star. When the day arrived, she was made for riding a megayacht. When she entered, there he was. She recognizes him but still goes with the flow. She heard her heartbeat so fast, and it was so loud that she was worried he could hear it. What happens next?

Mystery has the power to engage readers to a fault. The complex plot and major twists and turns get the feet wet. However, it is never easy to come up with ideas that can fulfill this. Prompts do a fantastic job at giving aspiring authors of specific genres inspiration and motivation to pursue their desires of writing a good novel. May these mysterious story ideas or writing prompts stimulate your creativity. Good luck on your writing journey!


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